Unicorn Ultrafly.100 Flag Std. Shamrock

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Set of 3, 100 micron Unicorn Flights

The Shamrock Unicorn Ultrafly.100

The flight to represent your flag!

This flight has a beautiful print of a Shamrock on one side, and a Celtic harp on the other. These are emphasized even more by the white and green backgrounds. It is 100 microns thick, and like all Unicorn Ultrafly flights; reliable and long-lasting!

According to Irish tradition, Saint Patrick used the shamrock as an educational emblem to teach the Holy Trinity to non-believers during his fourth-century conversion of the Irish to Christianity… But you probably don't care about that, you want to show your love for everything Irish!

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More Information
Custom LabelGeen
EAN code054722689913
Flight Material100 micron
Flight ShapeStandard
Flight ThemeFlags